Pick of the Month: Swedish axes made of impenetrable swedish steel!

 Our March-April pick of the month is the Ågelsjön Mini Hatchet from the Swedish manufacturer Hultafors.


The Hultarfors' forging tradition goes as far back as 1697 and the axe is named after the nearby lake Ågelsjön, where the water needed to run the waterwheel for the forge was once taken.

 Not for nought does the German saying 'to   sit behind Swedish Curtains' (hinter schwedischen Gardinen sitzen) mean to sit in jail.  So famous for its strength, the Germans used the impenetrable swedish steel for their windows to thwart any escape plans attempts (For the history buff: The expression was officially entered into the dictionary in 1906).

 But before delving into the details, another quick digression:  the difference between an axe and a hatchet for the laypeople.

  • An axe: Long handled and two handed, intended, for chopping down trees, forming things out of them, and splitting firewood.
  • A hatchet: A one handed version of an axe, suitable for small trees and trimming off branches.

And, as a nice-to-know, a tomahawk is similar to a hatchet but optimized as a weapon.

So, with its headweight of 500g, total weight 775g and total lengh 235mm it is ideal for weight-conscious bushcrafters, hikers, and hunters.   It is sold with the leather sheath.

It is a Hultafors Premium Axe which means it comes with a lifetime warranty - you just need to register it:  https://www.hultafors.com/outdoor.

 To see the mini hatchet on our website, click here:https://juggernauttradingpost.com/products/hultaors-agelsjon-mini-hatchet.

You can see the Hultafors axes being made here:

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