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We have handpicked all our tools for these their quality and functionality and in this post, we want to bring to your attention to these tools.

MHG Premium Chisel Set : 

The MHG Premium Chisel Set is our first top pick of the month because we think it is hands down the most beautiful chisel set.  From its innovative tool design - the side bevels are ground right down to the chisel face, allowing access into corners of dovetails and mortises - to the simplicity of its design and exceptional quality of its components. 

The handles are made from oiled ash. There is no striking ferule at the end of the handle, which makes it ideal for delicate finishing work where the chisel is struck or pushed with the  palm of the  hand. The ash handles however are strong enough to cope with light blows of a wooden mallet. 

MHG uses a new forging method -  quality heat treatment and high degree of microstructure compaction, which results in their tools staying sharp for longer. The hardness of the blade is 61 HRC.

 This chisel set comes with a heavy duty, durable leather roll bag. 

In my opinion MHG succeeded in creating a minimalistic, beautiful tool design, stripped back to the bare essentials. 

Overall length of these chisels is 210 mm with a blade of approximately 70 mm, which puts them lengthwise between a butt chisel and a standard western chisel

One last word about the side bevels. They are ground down all the way to the underside of the blade ,however  to avoid a sharp side edge there is a 0.4 mm edge left untouched to avoid injury. The 0.4 mm untouched side edge is still  small enough to get into tight corners.

MHG is manufactured in Schmalkalden, a small town in Germany – previously East Germany. 



 Everything you touch on an MHG chisel is sourced locally, employing local expertise (including their leather roll bags).   We know because we visited! 


Click here to have a close  look at the MHG premium chisel set.



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