Pinie Hand Tools

  The Pinie brand dates back to 1918.    Initially, Pinie produced solely wooden handles, which later expanded to wooden planes- which represent the core of the company’s production.

Today, Pinie manufactures more than 500 different products, including joinery tools, locksmith worktables and workbenches as well as wooden components (eg. wedges, dowel rods, dowel pins, biscuit joiners, knot patches).

Attention is paid to storage of products, semi-finished products for production and seasoned timber -  involving stable temperature and air humidity.

This reduces the potential for cracks and inner tension in  their products.

We visited Pinie and the CEO explained that all timber for their benchtops is dried so that the moisture content doesn't exceed 10-12%. This means the timber is super stable. All told, it demonstrated fantastic craftspersonship.

Here are the links to our short videos about their workbenches: