Pinie Portable Workbench with Wooden Vice Handle

Pinie Portable Workbench with Wooden Vice Handle

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Pinie has a range of workstations and workbenches and this is the smaller, portable version.   

These are a skillfully made very solid 80 mm thick beech plate fitted with a cast iron vice (Bench 10) with a wooden vice handle (Bench 8). The worktop comes with two pairs of dural bench dogs (Bench 1-19-55 WT) with a mechanism of spacer steel balls for locking in any position of the holes drilled into the plate.

The surface of the worktop is oiled and polished using a special oil (Bench 20) that is meant for treating stressed wooden surfaces. (The recommended frequency of treating all wooden surfaces is 2 years, more often for the most stressed parts of the surface).

The workbench can be easily attached to any type of table or bench by two clamps or two screws, is an unbeatable assistant for craftspeople facing a lack of space for a classical workbench. 

If you would like to purchase this workbench and you live outside Auckland, please let us know as we will be charging shipping on this one product .

You can see Marcel the CEO of Pinie in the video clip below or Christoph having a closer look: