Copy of About Narex

Narex woodworking hand tools have a reputation for exceptional quality for a affordable price from a company that has been producing hand tools for over a 100 years. 

Narex has a rich history with  hand tool production dating back to 1919, when the manufacturer Vaclav Richter founded a factory producing quality tools for woodworking.  The business grew from its small beginnings to a company of European and world renown.  

 The collection offered by NAREX BYSTRICE  is comprised of hand tools, consisting predominantly of screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. Over ninety years of hand tool production has led to improvements in quality, through the use of superior materials, advanced heat treatment and also from the development of the tools’ design.

Juggernaut Handtools & Workwear is the first company in New Zealand to sell Narex tools.

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