Hultafors is a leading brand offering hand tools designed for discerning woodworkers around the world. Manufactured in Sweden, Hultafors have been developing innovative tools  for over 140 years.

In 1883, Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén designed what is now the world-renowned folding ruler. Since then, the brand has developed a  wide selection of hand tools for all types of professionals craftsmen and craftswomen. 


Hultafors develop their tools in cooperation with professional users aiming to contribute in making the workday as smooth and efficient as possible. For example, professional users are involved in testing the products for results that live up to Hultaors' promise- which is – tools to rely on.

For a look at a few of Hultafors' iconic tools, have a look at the Åby Axe- forged from Swedish steel at the Hults Bruk works, which hails back to 1697. 

They have been crafted in the traditional way since 1697. Forged by hand at Hults Bruk in Östergötland, there are smiths who carry out work that not many others are able to do. Only a few producers in the world employ smiths who can produce this sort of craftsmanship.   

You can have a look how Hultafors produce their axes here: