MHG Premium Short Chisel 6 Piece Set: Oiled Ash Handle - in Leather Roll Bag.

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These short MHG chisels are sometimes referred to as butt chisels.  However, we prefer to call them short MHG chisels as they are too long to be classed as butt chisels (in our our opinion).  

Sizes: 6, 10,12,16,20,26 mm in Leather Roll Bag.  

Please note these chisels do not have a striking ferrule.  They are predominately used for delicate work where you strike or press with the palm of your hand.   However, you can use a wooden mallet with care on this handle.   Because of the round timber handle, these chisels sit beautifully in your hand and are a pleasure to use.

These chisels are relatively short and ideal for work where the recess depth is not greater than 70mm. 

They are similar in length to Japanese chisels.  This short chisel is preferable to chisels of normal length if space is tight.

The blade is made of high quality Chromium-vanadium (CV) steel with a hardness of HRC 61 (+/-1), ensuring outstanding cutting durability.  The cutting edge angle is 27°.

Total length: 215 mm, blade length  is approx. 70 mm long.

About MHG Chisels with Oiled Ash Handles.

 MHG chisels with oiled round ash handles with flats and the short series with oiled ash handles have been manufactured by grinding the side bevels right down to the chisel face.  This design lets you work right into the corners of dovetails and mortises.

Note: In the interest of safety, MHG has left approx. 0.4mm untouched along the straight sides, to avoid a sharp edge on the sides.