Hedue - Alpha square, stainless steel

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The alpha square is an advanced version of the traditional carpenter's square.  It is a bevel, square and protractor all in one. It can be set to any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. 

It is an indispensable tool for all aspects of carpentry, especially useful to mark out roof rafters.  Just transfer the correct roof pitch to the square and all the seat cuts, the vertical cuts as well as the depth of bird mouth can be marked out without requiring you to change the setting.  This tool saves you time and also ensures accuracy.

It is equally useful to mark out stairs.


-Made from stainless steel 

-Marking holes on the short blade of the square at every 5mm

-mm scale on upper and lower edge of the long blade of the square

-Permanently edged scaling 

 Dimensions: 795 mm for the long blade of the square
315 mm for the short blade of the square
430 mm for the blade of the protractor
Pitch Distance: 0.5 degrees
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 degrees