Hedue - Carpenter's Framing Square ZY

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 For marking out and checking work pieces of larger dimensions.

Framing square with mm-scale on both sides of long leg and marking holes (every 5 mm) on short leg. This seamless square is made from hardened steel. Due to the yellow powder coating, the mm-scale on the long leg of the square can be read easily even in poor light.

Being only 1.2 mm thick, this square has great flexibility, which allows users to mark out slightly curved objects, without permanent deformation of the square.

The marking holes on the shorter leg (every 5 mm) allows you to mark continuous parallel lines  to the work piece.


Product Dimensions Scaling
ZY 600 600 x 280 x 1.2 mm 550 mm
ZY 700 700 x 300 x 1.2 mm 650 mm
ZY 800 800 x 320 x 1.2 mm 750 mm