Hedue - Frame Tape Measure 30m

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Durable steel measuring tape with high-quality frame

The aluminum sloping frame is made of anodised light metal and has a blue, impact-resistant plastic handle and a robust metal crank. The crank can be folded into three positions and serves as a winding stop when closed. The pull ring is made of stainless steel.

The millimeter graduation on the white lacquered steel measuring tape is applied in black. The meter numbers are set off in red to avoid reading errors. The steel strip is protected against corrosion by a phosphate layer and white paint. The applied scale is finally coated with a clear vanish.


Length                  30 m                                                                                                              Cross section        13 x 0.4 mm                                                                                                  Pitch distance       1 mm                                                                                                            Weight                  0.7 kg