Hedue - Joiner's Set in Wooden Case

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The set of classic measuring and marking tools consists of a try square,  mitre square and sliding bevel.

These handles of the tools are made from walnut. Walnut is a dimensionally stable timber. 4 brass rivets and a continuous brass fitting on the short leg of the angle complete the handle. The steel  tongue are stainless steel and are inscribed with an abrasion-resistant millimeter scale (on the try square only). 

Each angle is calibrated to an accuracy of at least 0.006 degree. Get the calibration certificate by scanning the QR code on the tool.

Comes in wooden storage box.

Scope of delivery: 

Try square, walnut, 300 mm, stainless steel leaf 45 mm                                                            Joiner's sliding bevel, walnut, 300 mm                                                                                    Mitre square, walnut, 300 mm                                                                                                  Wooden box