Hedue - Stainless Steel Ruler

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Durable, easy to read rulers for measuring and drawing.

These rulers feature permanently etched, abrasion-resistant scaling on front and back side as well as upper and lower edge.  Thanks to the anti-glare surface they are always easy to read. The zero point is on the outer edge of the ruler. They are made from stainless steel.

 Model Scaling Reading Dimension Price
B101 150 mm 1mm/0.5mm 170x14x0.6mm $ 12.50
B103 300 mm 1mm/0.5mm 334x25x1mm $ 15.95
B106 600 mm 1mm/0.5mm 638x26x1.2mm $ 22.95
B110 1000 mm 1mm/0.5mm 1043x35x1.2mm

$ 34.50