MHG Timber Frame Chisel: 51mm

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MHG Timber - Tools are an ideal and indispensable hand tool for the builder/carpenter in the professional construction of log and timber-framed houses.  The timber frame chisel   is a type of chisel that is used with both hands or a mallet to pare long surfaces of wood following the grain.

Manufactured using a new forging process, these tools are characterised by high cutting edge retention, elasticity and durability.  They have been manufactured with a high degree of microstructure compaction and heat treatment quality of the high-alloy material, achieving usage properties that were previously only reserved for hand-forged tools.    

 They are ideal for finishing the joints for dovetail ceiling beams and for reworking the saddles. 

This chisel is supplied with the handle loosely inserted in the socket. The taper joint between the blade and handle has been designed to tighten through use and pressure.

Blade width 51mm (2 inch)

Total length 460mm

Blade length 178 mm

 Please Note: The handle is only slightly pushed into the conical socket.  When opening, ensure you firmly attach the handle.