MHG Regular Chisels: Clear Finished Hornbeam Handle: Sold Individually from $24.00

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The MHG Regular Chisels come with a clear finished hornbeam handle with striking ferule. The handle is slightly flattened,  so that even chisels with a narrow blade will not roll off your workbench.

The blade is made of high quality Chromium-vanadium (CV) steel with a hardness of 61 HRC (+/-1), ensuring outstanding cutting durability.  

The overall length of these chisels differs according to their width from 245mm to 300mm.

The blades have been finely honed (rather than polished), to avoid rounding the edges of the face, which should be as flat as possible for fine work. 

Chisels are sharp out of the box but will benefit from minimal final honing prior to use.



 Blade Width

4mm $24
6mm $24
8mm $25
12mm $26
18mm $30
20mm $30
24mm $35
26mm $36
30mm $40
38mm $45