Narex Richter Bevel Chisel: 19mm Sold individually

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These chisels was launched to mark the 100th anniversary of Narex's founder, Mr. Vaclav Richter.  These chisels represent the highest quality of Narex's manufacturing processes combining unique materials, heat treatment and machining in order to produce the finest tool for woodworkers. Every chisel is marked by the trademark RICHTER.

These chisels are stand out hand tools on account of the edge retention- they maintain their sharp edge for a long time and are easy to resharpen.  They come with a 24 degree bevel which, in combination with their ultra thin sides, make them ideal for precise finishing work. 


  • domestic ash hardwood
  • sanded and polished
  • solid stainless steel ferrule
  • leather washer


  • forged from high quality Cr-V steel
  • cryogenically treated and tempered to at least 62 HRc
  • fine ground and polished
  • ultra-thin sides for reaching into tight spaces


  • Blade width: 19mm
  • Blade length: 134mm
  • Overall length: 270mm

See Richter Chisel SET for images.


 Cryogenic treatment

Right after initial hardening, cryogenic treatment cools the steel down to very low temperatures by using liquid nitrogen to as low as −190 °C. This completes transformation of austenite, which increases both the hardness and toughness of the steel.