MHG Socket Chisels

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The MHG socket chisel, like the MHG premium chisel, has site bevel ground all the way down to the chisel face.  This makes the MHG socket chisel the perfect tool for working cleanly into the corners- even in deep recesses.   Because it is such a solid, study chisel, it is also ideal for heavy duty carpentry application, such as deep mortises. 

The blade is made of high quality Chromium-vanadium (CV) steel with a hardness of 61 HRC (+/-1), ensuring outstanding cutting durability.  The cutting edge angle is 30°.

Socket chisels are more difficult to manufacture compared to chisels with a tang, but are less likely to split when pushed home.

MHG socket chisels are supplied with two handles. The handle without striking ferule is for lighter work where the chisel can also be struck with the ball of your hand.  

Both handles are made using oiled ash.

Total length with handle without striking ferule: 260 mm
Total length with handle with striking ferule: 265 mm

Blade length with socket:160mm
Usable length of the back of the chisel = max. mortise depth 100 mm.

This chisel is supplied with the handle loosely inserted in the socket. The taper joint between the blade and handle has been designed to tighten through use and pressure.

Please Note: The handle is only slightly pushed into the conical socket.  When opening, ensure you firmly attach your selected handle.